Frequently asked questions

Legal costs

I am worried that I cannot afford high legal costs

If you are worried about spiraling legal costs, please do explain your situation during the consultation, provide global budgets and talk about your resources. You must build trust with the lawyer who handles your case.

Your lawyer is also a professional that must assess the viability of the file. If your lawyer spends much more time in your case, based on unreliable information, fees and results may be impacted.

How much does it costs a lawyer from your firm ?

Each lawyer has different experience and specialties. Senior lawyers are more experienced and tend to work faster but, while less experienced lawyers tend to require more time to validate their solutions.

The basic fee is calculated based on an hourly basis that vary from 175 EUR to 400 EUR. All rates are expressed excluding VAT.

Indeed, the amount hours may vary from case to case but on the other hand we aim to a relationship based on trust with our clients and we do not hire or keep in our firm lawyers that work inefficiently.

We also work based on estimates. Please contact us to obtain an estimate.

How much does it cost for your assistance to set-up a company in Luxembourg ?

Please use the Appointments page to make a consultation either by telephone or in person. You may also contact us to obtain an estimate.

Can I use the contact page to ask for legal costs ?

Yes, you may. However please note we typically tend not to respond to messages that are out of any context, or are used as a means to avoid a legal consultation. We encourage you to make a consultation through our appointments page in order to make sur that your legal situation is correctly assessed by a lawyer and you obtain a reasonable and personalized estimate.