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Discover our AI chatbot assistance

Revolutionising legal support with cutting edge AI

At Jurisconsul, we are proud to introduce an innovative tool designed to transform the way you interact with legal services: our AI Legal Assistant. This cutting-edge chatbot is engineered to provide you with rapid responses to your inquiries, ranging from general questions about our law firm's offerings to specific legal provisions within Luxembourg's jurisdiction.

Instant access, anytime, anywhere

Why wait for answers when you can have them instantly? Our AI chatbot assistant is available 24/7, ensuring you're never left without support. Whether you're seeking clarity on digital finance regulations, crypto laws, technology compliance, or intellectual property matters, our AI is here to guide you through Luxembourg's legal landscape with precision and speed.

Relevant insights

Our AI chatbot assistant is not just a tool; it's a reflection of Jurisconsul's commitment to innovative client service. It's been meticulously programmed to understand the intricacies of Luxembourg law, providing answers that are not only quick but also relevant. Whether you're a startup navigating crypto regulations or a multinational dealing with intellectual property challenges, our AI offers insights that matter to you.

Seamless transition for complex queries

We understand that some legal questions require a deeper dive. For inquiries that transcend the capabilities of our AI Legal Assistant, we invite you to utilise our manual query form, located at the end of this page. This form is your pathway to personalized advice from our team of seasoned attorneys, ensuring that more complex legal matters are addressed with the utmost attention to detail and expertise.

How to engage with our AI chatbot assistant

Getting started is simple:

  1. Access the chat interface directly on our website.

  2. Type your question into the dialogue box.

  3. Receive an instant response tailored to your needs.


For more detailed inquiries or to discuss specific legal matters, please proceed to the manual query form at the bottom of this page. Our dedicated team is ready to provide comprehensive support for more nuanced or complex legal challenges.

Even more : Explore our suite of specialised GPT chatbots


In addition to our AI chatbot assistant, Jurisconsul Law Firm is excited to offer a comprehensive suite of specialised GPT chatbots, each tailored to distinct areas of legal expertise within the realms of digital finance, crypto, technology, compliance, and intellectual property. These advanced chatbots provide deep-dives into specific legal domains, offering nuanced insights and guidance based on the latest legal precedents and regulatory frameworks.

We invite you to explore this innovative service further and discover how our specialised GPT chatbots can enhance your legal research and decision-making processes.

Please note that access to our specialised GPT chatbots requires an active OpenAI subscription

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