Intellectual Property litigation 

Litigation is one of many options available to businesses as part of their offensive and defensive strategies. Our attorneys efficiently and effectively handle all of the details and issues that may arise at any stage of both simple and complex litigation.  

Our firm’s practice involves trademark and copyright infringement litigation, as well as trade secret and unfair competition litigation.


Technology and competition litigation

We have assisted operators of telephony, cable and broadcasters in defending their rights regarding competition issues whether in court or in the administrative proceedings engaged with competition and telecommunication regulators.

In technology litigation cases, the successful presentation of a client’s case requires that the attorneys understand the technology involved.  While some technical areas are less complex, frequently our attorneys must bring their substantial technical experience to bear on the case in order to translate the subject matter into a form understandable by technically unsophisticated judges. 

Alternative dispute resolution

The firm recognizes that protracted litigation sometimes represents a “no win” situation for both sides, and we therefore work with clients to develop alternatives to traditional litigation.  As a result, we have developed extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution procedures, including mediation and negotiation.