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We support clients' businesses to protect their brands, build and maintain a strong market presence, and navigate the complexities of trademark law to enforce their intellectual property rights.​

Our trademark practice area involves legal considerations related to the registration, protection, and enforcement of trademarks, which are distinctive symbols, names, and identifiers associated with goods or services. Jurisconsul team members ensure that clients' valuable assets, whether brand-related or confidential information, are effectively protected and enforced within the legal framework of intellectual property law.​

Our services consist of :

  • Trademark Registration: Advising clients on the benefits of registering trademarks and guiding them through the registration process with the relevant intellectual property office. Conducting trademark searches to assess the availability and registrability of a proposed mark.​

  • Trademark Selection and Clearance: Assisting clients in selecting distinctive and protectable trademarks. Conducting clearance searches to identify potential conflicts with existing trademarks.​

  • Trademark Prosecution and Office Actions: Responding to office actions from trademark examiners during the registration process. Handling opposition proceedings and appeals before trademark offices.​

  • Trademark Licensing and Assignment: Drafting and negotiating licensing agreements for the authorized use of trademarks. Advising on the assignment of trademark rights in mergers, acquisitions, or other transactions.​

  • Trademark Enforcement: Representing clients in trademark infringement cases, including sending cease and desist letters and pursuing legal action when necessary. Defending against claims of trademark infringement.​

  • ​Brand Protection Strategies: Developing strategies for the protection and enforcement of a brand against counterfeiting, unauthorized use, and dilution. ​

  • ​Domain Name Disputes: Handling disputes related to domain names related to trademark usage.​

  • International Trademark Protection: Navigating the process of securing and enforcing trademarks internationally through treaties and conventions. Renewal and Maintenance: Assisting with the renewal and maintenance of trademark registrations to ensure continued protection.​


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