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Specialised PFS

By integrating outsourcing-related legal services, Jurisconsul assists PFS firms in establishing and maintaining effective and legally compliant outsourcing arrangements while managing risks associated with third-party relationships.​

Jurisconsul delivers a range of services to support specialised Professionals of the Financial Sector (PFS) in Luxembourg's regulatory framework. ​

These services may include legal advice on intellectual property rights, IT contracts, data protection, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, our law firm can assist PFS with the authorization procedure, support in material IT outsourcing, and provide guidance on the legal and regulatory framework specific to the PFS industry in Luxembourg.​

Our services include: ​

  • Licensing and Contracts: Drafting and negotiating licensing agreements for software, technology, and intellectual property. Advising on technology transfer agreements. Drafting and reviewing contracts related to IT services and products.​

  • Clouds Outsourcing Agreements: Drafting and negotiating outsourcing agreements for IT services. Ensuring legal compliance in outsourcing relationships. Advising on risk mitigation strategies in outsourcing contracts.. ​

  • Data Security and Privacy in the Cloud: Ensuring that outsourcing agreements address data security and confidentiality. Advising on the protection of sensitive information when outsourcing IT functions.  Advising on data protection and privacy issues associated with storing and processing data in the cloud. Drafting and reviewing cloud service agreements with a focus on data protection clauses.​

  • Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures: Review cybersecurity policies and procedures tailored to the PFS industry. Address legal aspects of data breach notification, incident response, and recovery.​

  • Exit Strategies support: Drafting clauses that address data migration and exit strategies when terminating or transitioning from cloud services. Advising on legal considerations during the termination of cloud service agreements.​

  • Regulatory Compliance in Cloud Outsourcing: This includes Cloud Outsourcing assisting in compliance with relevant regulations when outsourcing certain functions. Advising on regulatory changes that may impact cloud-based solutions. Advising on jurisdictional considerations in outsourcing arrangements.​

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