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Collective Management Organisations

Empowering Collective Management Organisations through legal excellence

With a commendable history spanning 15 years, Jurisconsul Law Firm has established itself as a trusted legal advisor for Collective Management Organisations (CMOs). Our dedicated team has consistently delivered expert legal services, catering to the unique needs of CMOs across various sectors. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the intricacies involved in collective rights management and our ability to guide CMOs through complex legal landscapes.​

Our Services for Collective Management Organisations :


  • Licensing and royalty management: We assist CMOs in structuring and negotiating licensing agreements, ensuring fair and efficient royalty collection and distribution systems. Our team is adept at developing strategies that maximise revenue while maintaining legal compliance. ​

  • Representation in legal matters: Jurisconsul provides robust representation for CMOs in legal disputes, negotiations, and litigation. Our extensive experience in handling cases specific to collective rights management positions us as a formidable ally in any legal scenario.​

  • Legal advisory and compliance: We offer comprehensive legal advice on the operation and governance of CMOs, ensuring adherence to national and international regulations. Our expertise in copyright law ensures that CMOs operate within the legal framework, avoiding potential liabilities.​

  • Policy development and advocacy: Understanding the evolving landscape of collective rights management, we aid CMOs in policy development. Our firm actively engages in advocacy work, shaping policies that reflect the interests and rights of CMOs and their members.​

  • International collaborations and networking: Leveraging our global network, we facilitate international collaborations for CMOs, aiding them in expanding their reach and influence. Our firm assists in forging partnerships and navigating the complexities of cross-border copyright management.​

  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation: Jurisconsul offers expert support in resolving disputes involving copyright, royalties, and licensing. We represent CMOs in both litigation and alternative dispute resolution forums. Our team provides robust defense strategies and proactive legal solutions to protect the interests of CMOs.

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