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Gaming Event Competitors

Gaming & eSports

We merge legal expertise with a passion for  digital gaming and competitive eSports

Our dedicated team understands the unique challenges and opportunities within this vibrant industry and offers tailored legal solutions to clients ranging from game developers to professional esports athletes and sponsors.

Our expertise:

  • Intellectual property rights in Gaming: We offer comprehensive legal services to protect and manage intellectual property for game developers, including copyright, trademark, and patent registrations, and enforcement against infringement.

  • Esports contracts and negotiations: Our attorneys are skilled in drafting and negotiating contracts for esports athletes, teams, sponsors, and event organizers, ensuring fair terms and compliance with industry standards.

  • Regulatory compliance and licensing: We navigate the complex web of gaming regulations and licensing requirements, advising clients on compliance with local and international gaming laws.

  • Dispute resolution and litigation: Our firm represents clients in disputes specific to the gaming industry, including intellectual property disputes, contract disagreements, and competition-related issues.

  • Data privacy and security in Gaming: We provide counsel on data protection laws, helping clients in the gaming sector to safeguard user data and comply with global privacy regulations.

Why choose Jurisconsul for Gaming and eSports legal needs?

  • Industry-specific knowledge: Our team stays at the forefront of legal developments in the gaming and esports sector, offering informed and up-to-date advice.

  • Client-centered approach: We understand the unique needs of each client and provide personalized legal services tailored to your specific challenges and goals in the gaming industry.

  • Global and local expertise: Whether dealing with international gaming regulations or local legal requirements, our attorneys are equipped to provide comprehensive legal support.

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