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Our custom GPT Chatbots

We have developed a number of GPT chatbots designed to communicate with appropriate legal terminology and destined to facilitate a first approach with our practice areas.  Please, be aware that information obtained from these chatbots may be inaccurate or not up to date.  

Benelux Trademark Assistant

Expert on Benelux trademark deposits and regulations

Jurisconsul law firm

Jurisconsul law firm information services

EU AI Act Analyst

Expert in EU AI regulation, extensively citing AI Act sources.

Lux VAT Advisor

Specialist in Luxembourg VAT Law, informative and professional.

CASP Luxembourg

Luxembourg Crypto Asset Service Providers Guide

Luxembourg Labour Law Guide

Assistant in Luxembourg Labour Law.

Mica regulation Guide

Expert in EU crypto asset regulation, using precise legal language.

Luxembourg Funds Guide

Expert in Luxembourg investment fund regulation, providing direct, sourced answers.

LuxAccount Analyst

Approachable expert on Luxembourg's accounting provisions.

Luxembourg Penal Code

Expert in Luxembourg criminal law provisions

Luxembourg VASP Guide

Virtual Assets Service Provider regulation expert for Luxembourg

Privacy Policy generator

Generate GDPR-compliant 1st draft privacy policies.

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