A book, a movie, a painting, a song…  Author rights protect many different types of creative work. Yet, with the acceleration of technological developments, those rights (including copyrights) are becoming increasingly complex: the methods, processes and proceedings of creation, communication, distribution and exploitation of creative works are rapidly changing and diversifying in our modern days.

Those changes and diversification require, in many cases, a good understanding of the cutting-edge technology and of its implication in the way works are created/communicated/distributed. Ultimately, they also have an incisive effect in the how the different international conventions, internal laws and regulations should be interpreted.

Copyright issues may also converge with other intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, industrial design rights or trade secret rights. In such situations, an infringement of author rights laws may sometimes become more effectively dealt under other IP laws and thus (also) be treated as another IP infringement (such as a trademark infringement).

We assist our clients in tackling complex author rights and other types of IP issues, and provide counseling in relation to the licensing, enforcing and infringement prevention of those rights.

Our legal services have relation with:

  • Author rights counseling

  • Licensing agreements

  • Copyrights litigation

  • Publishing rights

  • Legal counseling concerning administrative and technical aspects