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We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive IP strategy, ensuring your innovations and creative works are safeguarded from infringement and unauthorised use.

Our law firm guides prominent producers, publishers, and users across film, fashion, music, literature, news, and gaming industries, and now we counsel leading names in the evolving media sector. ​

The digital era has revolutionized copyright management for content owners and licensees. Media companies have had to adapt with innovative distribution and monetization models, new technical standards, and strategies for the changing content consumption landscape.​

In the face of potential new copyright laws addressing digital media transformation, our expert team is ready offer comprehensive advice on content usage, commercialization, licensing, rights infringements, and how copyright impacts emerging business models. ​

We actively participate in shaping copyright policies through our representation in courts and doctrine articles in reputable legal journals.

Our legal services encompass:​

  • International Copyright Expertise: We specialize in interpreting and advising on international copyright law, ensuring protection of copyrighted works across various jurisdictions. Our expertise includes navigating international treaties like the Berne Convention, crucial for managing global copyright relations.​

  • Digital Copyright Challenges: In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, we address contemporary copyright issues, focusing on online distribution, streaming services, and combating digital piracy.​

  • Licensing and Copyright Transfer Services: Our team excels in drafting and negotiating copyright licenses, defining clear terms for scope, duration, and compensation. We also handle copyright transfers through assignments and other legal agreements.​

  • Copyright Infringement and Enforcement: We are adept at managing copyright infringement cases, from identifying infringement elements to implementing enforcement strategies. This includes issuing cease and desist letters, DMCA notices, and pursuing litigation.​

  • Fair Use and Legal Exceptions Guidance: We guide clients through the nuances of fair use, facilitating the legitimate use of copyrighted material for critical purposes like criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, or research. Additionally, we address other legal exceptions pertinent to copyright, such as the idea-expression dichotomy and the merger doctrine.

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