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Data Protection and Privacy 

Maintain compliant and responsible practises in managing personal data

Our law firm specializes in data protection and privacy services, focusing on the legal aspects of handling personally identifiable information, including collection, processing, transfer, and storage. We provide expert guidance on compliance with key legislations like the GDPR in Europe and Luxembourg, ensuring adherence to these critical data protection regulations

  • Privacy Policies and Notices: Assisting in the drafting and review of privacy policies and notices that outline the manner in which personal data is collected, utilised, and disclosed to individuals.

  • Data Processing Agreements: Contractual drafting with third-party service providers to guarantee compliance with legal obligations with regard to data processing.

  • Consent Mechanisms: Incorporating protocols to acquire legitimate consent for the handling of personal information, taking into account the particular obligations stipulated by various data protection legislations.

  • Data Subject Rights: Providing guidance and managing requests from individuals who are data subjects and are exercising their rights to access, rectification, erasure, and data portability.

  • Data Breach Response: Assuring that compliance implementation plans for responding to data breaches are in place, including notifying affected individuals and pertinent authorities.

  • Employee Data Protection: Assuring adherence to data protection legislation with regard to employee data, encompassing data transfers, employee consent, and monitoring protocols.

  • Cross-Border Data Transfers: Legal factors that must be taken into account when transferring personal information internationally, such as the application of binding corporate regulations or standard contractual clauses.

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs): Assist the DPIA in its evaluation of the risks associated with particular data processing activities, particularly those that pose the greatest threat to the rights and liberties of data subjects.

  • Litigation and Regulatory Investigations: Advocating for clients in litigation pertaining to privacy and addressing regulatory inquiries or enforcement proceedings concerning data protection.

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