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Discover our AI chatbot assistance

Revolutionising legal support with cutting edge AI


At Jurisconsul, we are proud to introduce an innovative tool designed to transform the way you interact with legal services: our AI Legal Assistant. This cutting-edge chatbot is engineered to provide you with rapid responses to your inquiries, ranging from general questions about our law firm's offerings to specific legal provisions within Luxembourg's jurisdiction:

  • Immediate responses: Receive swift answers to your queries regarding digital finance, cryptocurrency, technology, compliance, and intellectual property law in Luxembourg.

  • Accessible 24/7: Our AI chatbot assistant is available round-the-clock, ensuring that your legal questions are addressed promptly, any time of day.

  • Guidance at your fingertips: Whether you're seeking information about our firm's expertise or have specific questions about Luxembourg's legal provisions, our AI chatbot assistant is equipped to guide you through.

Manual inquiry


We understand that some questions require a deeper level of analysis and a personalised touch. For inquiries that go beyond the scope of our AI Legal Assistant, we invite you to complete our detailed manual form, found at the bottom of this page. This enables us to understand the intricacies of your situation and assign a specialist from our team who can provide bespoke advice tailored to your needs.


Please provide further details regarding your legal inquiry, ensuring to include all pertinent information that will aid in the construction of an accurate and effective advisory framework tailored to your needs.

This process will guarantee that, should you choose to collaborate with us, we deliver a service that is not only comprehensive but also fast, efficient and, customised to the specific legal needs of your company or institution.

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