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Crypto Funds

Discover the ease of using digital crypto services designed for Funds and cryptocurrency services providers world.​ 

Looking to establish a Luxembourg crypto fund ?  We can help you to implement regulatory requirements and find the appropriate flexible structures that allow to invest in digital assets. ​

Our services include:​

  • Investment funds governance (UCITS-AIFs): Leverage our legal expertise for strategic funds investment structuring within the crypto space. We tailor solutions that align with your investment objectives and regulatory requirements to safeguard your fund's integrity. ​

  • Custody and Security: Advising on legal aspects of custody solutions for digital assets held by the fund. Addressing security measures to protect the fund's assets from cyber threats.​

  • PSF Licensing: Implement CSSF licensing requirements for financial professionals operating in the crypto space. Our legal experts provide comprehensive guidance to ensure compliance with CSSF licensing authorisations. Streamline the licensing application process with our support. We assist in preparing and submitting applications for financial professionals seeking to operate in the crypto sector.​

  • Payment institutions services: Advise on crypto payment accesses into your platform with ease. Our solutions, crafted by legal and technological experts, enable you to offer a diverse range of payment options, meeting the evolving regulatory framework and the needs of your customers.​

  • Compliance Monitoring: Review processes for ongoing compliance monitoring to adapt to changes in regulatory environments. Advising on compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations.​

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