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Artificial Intelligence Law

Embracing the Future with legal expertise

Discover how Jurisconsul leads the legal industry with specialized AI law services. Our team, proficient in AI technologies and their legal implications, ensures compliance with the upcoming EU AI Act and beyond.

We offer a spectrum of AI legal services including compliance, intellectual property, liability, and ethics in AI.

These AI legal services include:

  • AI Compliance: Guidance on adhering to the AI Act and other regulations. Tailored strategies for different AI applications, ensuring legal compliance.

  • Ethics and Governance in AI: Advising on ethical AI use, including data privacy, bias mitigation, and transparent AI decision-making

  • Contractual Frameworks for AI: Drafting and negotiating contracts related to AI development, licensing, and use.

  • AI in Specific Sectors: Specialized legal advice for AI applications in healthcare, finance, automotive, and other industries.

  • Cross-border AI Legal Issues: Addressing international legal challenges in AI deployment and cooperation.

  • Intellectual Property in AI: Addressing IP rights in AI developments, including patents, copyrights, and trade secrets specific to AI technologies.

  • Liability and Risk Management: Assessing and managing legal risks associated with AI deployment, including product liability and consumer protection.

  • AI in Litigation: Expertise in handling litigation involving AI technologies.

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