Companies from all over the world compete nowadays in a global scale, struggling to find their identity and ideas to thrive within a competitive market. In this context, registering and protecting the signs that distinguish goods and services from those of other undertakings, represents one of the most crucial business steps.

Currently, registration of a trade name with the RSCL (Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register) for companies (not individuals) only concedes a restrictive local protection. Others may attempt to register an identical or similar trademark with another IP office .


Trademark registration offers the possibility for companies and individuals to protect at a national or international level any sign that create their business identity and for which they have worked so hard to establish.

All businesses should register their signs and, when necessary, deter any undertaking from obtaining a trademark with an identical or similar sign. Oppositions, litigation and customs actions may be required to ensure trademark protection whenever another undertaking seeks to register or illegitimately use an identical or similar name, design, colour, shape of goods or packaging of goods, and sounds.

Our legal services have relation with:

  • Trademarks filing and application

  • Trademarks opposition

  • Maintenance, renewal and correction of trademarks registration

  • Trademarks litigation

  • Customs actions

  • Advice on trademarks filing and application

  • Trademark licensing

  • Franchising agreements

  • Legal counseling concerning administrative and technical aspects