Information technologies and Telecommunications has enabled us to quickly communicate with one another, through different means. And their ever-closer link to mobility allowed people to engage in communications while on the go, and to constantly and immediately have access to different daily schedules (private and professional).

IT solutions, including the Internet, are quickly evolving and transforming society. In the past few years, the world has witnessed many Information technologies and Telecommunications with disruptive effects. And that train of changing is not yet to be over… A progressive digitsation of traditional industries will continue to take place and reshape the way business think, operate and relate.

In our connected world, ITs became essential to deliver information, provide entertainment and offer commercial solutions (e-commerce).


Big and small players now depend on IT solutions to run their businesses and their effects are sensitive across the different industries, networks and borders.

We are helping the clients who operate with IT to develop strategies, seize opportunities and overcome possible challenges.

Our legal services have relation with:

  • Drafting IT related agreements: infrastructure outsourcing, cloud services, VoIP services, etc.;

  • Intellectual property and trademark disputes;

  • Data protection irregularities;

  • Compliance of imported and/or exported hardware and software;

  • Preparing and filing applications before the relevant governmental authorities; and

  • Legal counseling concerning administrative and technical aspects.