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JURISCONSUL is an independent Luxembourg law firm specialised in Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology (IT). We provide legal services to our clients in a wide range of IP and IT fields such as author-rights/copyright (music and entertainment), software and databases rights, trademarks, industrial design, broadcasting media, advertising, technologies, blockchain, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, escrow services, game and e-sports.

Although we are an independent practice boutique, we are committed to deliver tailored and fast responsive services with the highest standards of quality. To that aim, it is essential to have a sound and specialised knowledge of the law and of the industries pertaining to our clients’ businesses. Our know-how processes and databases are subject to ongoing improvements allowing us to deliver a service of high quality, yet cost-efficient.

JURISCONSUL also puts their clients at the core of its action. It is very important for us to remain close to them at all times and to develop with them long and lasting relationships. We aim to stand out for our commitment in pursuing our client’s interests and for seeking the right opportunities for them.




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Me Ruben MENDES, Lawyer, Jurisconsul law firm

Tel: 26 38 98 08

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