Video games and electronic sports, known as e-sports, include strategy games, first-person shooting games as well as massive multi-player games.

E-sports competitions are held locally, nationally or internationally at an amateur or professional level. Numerous e‑sports leagues and tournaments are being organized worldwide for “fun” alone or with financial compensations for the winners. Some of those events may ultimately raise concerns regarding the compliance with the existing gambling laws.

Yet, the popularity of e-sports has dramatically increased in the recent years. Thanks to the technological advancements, e-sports has been progressively and quickly gaining space in the sports/media industries. Thus, to provide legal services in this field of law require a good understanding of the current state of technology, as well as of the complex legal and regulatory framework with which companies and individuals have to comply.

Furthermore, the said framework is constantly evolving and requires up-to-date lawyers capable of offering adequate solutions to their client’s needs.

E-sports may also require lawyer's assistance to ensure copyright protection (and of other IP rights) over the user content circulating through those e-sports platforms, over the e-sports platforms themselves as well as their successful exploitation through contract negotiations, licensing agreements, merchandising agreements, sponsorship agreements.

Our legal services have relation with:

  • Age rating systems

  • Compliance with gambling laws

  • Copyright protection

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Legal policies and online rights

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Massive multi-player Gaming Agreements

  • Publishing rights

  • User content rights

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Gaming

  • Legal counseling concerning administrative and technical aspects