Technology is quickly evolving and redefining all industries, including the financial industry, in their traditional functions as well as in the way they interact with their respective clients. The confluence between technology and “finance” gave birth to a relatively recent field, called Fintech, which grew dramatically over the past few years.

Fintech innovations and developments are responsible for the emergence of new services and products such as crowdfunding platforms, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, mining services and exchanges, supported by or coupled with data collection, data processing (analytics), smart contracts and artificial intelligence.

Old and new players in the financial sector are now confronted with the key decision of either ignore the potential of technology, and thus lose their business to more advanced competitors, or to embrace its transformative and possibly disruptive effects.

However, sectorial transformations entail certain risks, incertitude, sometimes hesitations, and a fast changing legal and regulatory landscape that may often be ignored or misunderstood by the market players.

Our legal services have relation with:

  • Bitcoin and Altcoin Cryptocurrencies

  • Ethereum & smart contracts

  • Blockchain intellectual property

  • Initial coin offerings (ICOs)

  • Exchange platforms licences

  • Internet of Things

  • Crowdfunding platforms